Meet the members 

In 2014 the Lodge commemorated 50 years in Masonry by our longest serving member W. Bro. Ivan Deeth. Currently serving as Almoner, Bro.Ivan, who is also celebrating his 90th birthday this year (2017), has served the lodge in many roles and is well respected for his service to Masonry.

Bro. Ivan is front and centre in all three of these photographs

As a mark of our appreciation for Ivan's  dedicated service to Masonry and our Lodge he was presented with a set of cut glass and a particularly special whisky for his personal celebration.

W.Bro. Terry Fitchett celebrates 25 years in Freemasonry

May 2017 was a celebration month for Bro. Terry's 25 years in Masonry and was celebrated by all the brethren. Our Treasurer (Bro. Terry) pictured centre, has a reputation for austerity, but was personally magnanimous on the night with his generous gesture of providing wine for the evening.

Our Deputy Grand Master V.W.Bro. John Renaudon was so overwhelmed by Bro. Terry's generous gesture that he felt compelled to assist in the distribution of the beverage. Bro. John assumed the responsibility for educating our new initiate Bro. Mark (to his left) that it was not normal Lodge practice for the Treasurer to provide the wine at every Festive Board. Needless to say, Bro. Mark is now very disillusioned.

December 2017 saw the Lodge celebrate W.Bro. Wilf Burt's 90th birthday. Certain members are becoming increasingly concerned as they definitely look older than Bro. Wilf. He did, however, impart one of his secrets of youthfulness to his colleagues when he kindly produced many bottles of his elixir (Proseco) for members to consume in celebration of his Anniversary.

You can see further accomplishments of this youthful young man on page 7 of the Events Record on the Arboretum page.

Braving the raging blizzards of December 8th 2017 our fearless champions, V.W.Bro John V Renaudon, W.Bro. Wilf Burt and our fearless WM, Mark Sewell journeyed to the wilds of Shropshire to present to Lodge member W.Bro. Peter Taylor is Certificate for 50 years in Masonry.

Unfortunately Bro.Peter, who is a retired pharmacist, finds it increasingly difficult to travel. So, on this occasion, our Lodge representatives visited Bro.Peter at his home. They were entertained with skilful card tricks and piano recitals.

Following the presentation Bro.Peter provided lunch for his guests before their premature departure to avoid deteriorating weather conditions. (click here for W.Bro. Alan Peck's report of the celebrations 2016 and 2017)  

déjà vu 2014 - 2018

Following his installation into the chair of Castellum Lodge in Nov 2014, W.Bro. Paul Gilbert thanks and congratulates his installing master - his son W.Bro. Carl Gilbert.

The Deputy Prov. Grand Master, V.W.Bro. D Gary Read, in attendance at the ceremony also enjoyed the Festive Board afterwards with newly installed Master Bro. Paul.
They were later joined by the IPM, W.Bro. Peter Hagan and the Installing Master Carl Gilbert. 
We have it on good authority that in November this year (2018) Bro. Carl will be installed as master of Castellum and there is a strong possibility that in 2019 he will install his SW, his father W.Bro. Paul Gilbert in the chair of Castellum. In order to complete this forthcoming déjà vu an invitation will, of course, be extended to the V.W.Bro. D. Gary Read.
W.Bro. Wilf Burt

P.Pr.G.Swd.B (Glous), P.Pr.G.Supt.Wks Wilf is currently our Charity Steward and is also serving as JD. He is very versatile and undertakes many roles in the Lodge. Bro. Wilf played an active role in the construction of the Masonic Memorial Garden at the National Memorial Arboretum.

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