Membership Fees

The total membership fee for the year is currently £175. The fee may change each year but only minimally. A single payment of £175(subject to change) may be made to the Treasurer at the commencement of each new Lodge Year or members may care to take advantage of the recently introduced three monthly payment system to facilitate fee payment.


The amounts are as follows;

month 1 will be £69.60

month 2 will be £55.00

month 3 will be £50.40.

The payments may be made by cheque or Standing order.

For Initiates (new applicants) there is a Registration Fee of £60.00 to be paid, which is in addition to the £175 Membership Fee.

For Initiates, if using the payment system above, there will be a four monthly payment system to account for the Registration fee of £60.00, otherwise the total New Applicants fee will be £235(subject to change).