In October 2016 Mark, our Secretary was told about a young lady named Paige aged 8 who was suffering from cerebral palsy, She is a member of a Stafford scout group of which she loves but was unable to attend any of the outside activities due to her lack of mobility. Her parents had tried for some time to acquire a rough terrain wheel chair and but their request was denied by their local authority.


A local businessman Lee Adams and his son, Harry, embarked on the task to raise the sum of £2500 needed for the purchase of the wheelchair. They managed to raise £2000 but were struggling to raise the last £500. Mark heard about their plight through Lee Adam’s other son, Ben, and Mark told him he would mention their plight to Castellum Lodge at their next meeting.


At our 8th November meeting a proposal was submitted to the lodge for a donation of £300 to assist with the purchase of the wheelchair, which was subsequently approved. Following the conclusion of the meeting, two brethren anonymously donated a further £100 each bringing the total amount to £500.


Mark informed Lee and Harry and they were delighted. The next day the family was able to order the wheelchair.


On Sunday the 28th November Mark was invited to the 12th Stafford Scouts Headquarters, Milford Stafford where he met the delightful young lady herself and had the pleasure of seeing her get presented with the wheelchair the Lodge had helped to provide, Paige was so happy and her parents could not stop thanking him for the contribution.


Paige is an extremely bright young lady and with this wheelchair she will be able to enjoy her first real family holiday, also she is now able to enjoy all of her scout group activities.


Mark found the experience very humbling but was delighted to meet such a Polite and Extremely Gifted young lady.