The lodge organises a number of social events during the year. One such event is the Lady's Evening which is in recognition of the support they provide throughout the year to their husbands, partners and boyfriends.
The four/five course meal is followed by entertainment and it is a well attended social event for the lodge. Friends and relatives of the lodge may also attend and a warm welcome is offered to all.
In the summer we hold a barbecue or similar local occasion. This year we are also looking forward to a Sunday Lunch at Slaters.
To the delight of everyone, young and old we have visited one of our members for lunch and rides on his own railway system - this is an experience for all to enjoy.
There are many masonic lodges throughout the country with events held year round. All members are welcome and for social events their friends and family too.
Needless to say that all masonic events are organised to raise money for charities.
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